30+ Best WordPress Plugins in 2021

With over 55,000 WordPress plugins to choose from, beginners can find it difficult to find the best WordPress plugins for their needs. Users also ask whether there is a “must-have WordPress plugins” list that all professionals use. The response is a resounding YES. Having the right plugins will make a big difference in the growth […]

How to activate Noor theme

Open noor\functions.php, find this code around line 12if ( ! defined( ‘ABSPATH’ ) ) {exit( ‘Direct script access denied.’ );}After that just add this code:update_option( ‘noor_license_key_status’, ‘valid’);update_option( ‘noor_license_key’, ‘festingerbhw.com’ );update_option( ‘noor_wup_purchase_code’, ‘festingerbhw.com’ );

How to activate Qubely Pro

In the file classes/Updater.php, find the function __construct which starts around line 1, add this to the start of the function code: $license_info = array(‘activated’=>true, ‘license_key’=>’123qwe123qwe’, ‘license_to’=>’your_name_here’, ‘expires_at’=>’31 December 2099’, ‘activated_at’=>’31 December 2018’, ‘msg’=>”); //RC $license_info_serialize = serialize($license_info); update_option(QUBELY_FREE_BASENAME.’_license_info’, $license_info); Feel free to change the your_name_here to whatever you want to be displayed as the […]