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Should You Opt For WordPress Premium Or Just Wing It?

WordPress is a great choice to build your website because of its open-source community. Thousands of great resources are available to all users to customize their sites any way they want. Who wouldn’t love such a place! When it comes to themes, the WordPress Theme Directory is a treasure trove of excellent quality themes. The […]

Learn To Download WordPress Manually And Launch Your Dream Website

If you are trying to create a blog website or a new journal, you cannot do it without WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that can be used as a hosting service for releasing and distributing content. With WordPress, you can present SEO-friendly articles with attractive pictures and featured images so that you not […]

What Is GPL And How Does It Affect WordPress?

If you are a programmer who is interested in WordPress and designing, then there is a possibility that you have seen that WordPress is working under the terms of GPL or GNU General Public License. This GPL is quite different from the normal EULA or End User License Agreement that you often find at the […]

What To Do When WordPress Doesn’t Load Your Theme And There Is ‘style.css stylesheet’ Error?

Getting ready to launch your website and looking forward to great traffic? WordPress is here to help you. But what if you have found the best theme to go with your site design which fits your niche perfectly? You want to install it on WordPress, right? So you go about buying the theme and are […]

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