How to Activate MyThemeShop Themes and Plugins

Please follow the steps below to activate MyThemeShop themes and plugins.

Step 1: 

Make sure you are using a fresh untouched theme again and go to the folder:

“mts_sense/functions/” – this can be any theme. E.g. mts_adsense

Step 2: 

In that folder, look for the file “theme-actions.php”. Open that file in a text editor and look for the following lines:

function mts_nhp_sections_override()  
{ define( 'MTS_THEME_INIT', 1 );

(I found it in line #845 and #846)

Step 3: 

Right after the second line, put a “return;” (without quotes).

It should look like this:

function mts_nhp_sections_override() { define( 'MTS_THEME_INIT', 1 ); return;
if ( class_exists('mts_connection') && defined('MTS_CONNECT_ACTIVE') && MTS_CONNECT_ACTIVE ) { return; }


(do not get confused with the returns that were already there. Those do not need to be touched.)

Step 4: 

Deactivate the MyThemeShop Connect plugin.

Step 5: 

Save the file and that’s it. That will defeat the Update connector.

Final note: 

I guess this will be in a theme by theme basis, but first, I guess most of the themes will have that similar structure and second, that is why I mentioned the two lines. That is because even when the line “define( ‘MTS_THEME_INIT’, 1 )” is unique in that file, it will help you look in any other of the themes you would like to null. You will just need to confirm that it is right after the line “function mts_nhp_sections_override() {“. If not, then that is not the one.

This is for the themes that apply and as for the plugins, as long as you do not install the connect plugin you are good to go.

If something does not work in this or any other theme, just drop a line. I’ll be more than glad to take a look at it for you.

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